Hi everyone, nice to see you visiting this Blog page!

This is a blog with content specializing in very basic design and shaping images that anyone can do, no need to be too professional or learn through graphics, through the basic Xara Web Designer application . Besides, at this Blog page you can see some images created from only the most basic images such as circle, square, triangle, polygon, oval...just need to think and put them together logically and with ideas. This is the main message of this Blog, this can help young people and children to see and test their creative thinking to create simple works with only basic content. around yourself.

Based on a picture created at Blog Tin Bonny, you can challenge and ask the children about what basic image types it is made of?, using different types of shapes. What is the basic way to create the above image?, distinguishing each basic shape. Even conversely, with some of the circles and triangles available build up a work based on them with your creativity.

In addition, the Blog page also helps children to distinguish the basic images as well as the colors they see.

Hope everyone has a good time on this blog. Sincere thanks!